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Get to know our start-ups.


Helping farmers profit naturally

Agreed is supporting the transition to sustainable farming with Soil maps and other agronomy services.


Sustainable Reforestation with drones

Skyseed is a provider of technological solutions intended to secure healthy bio-diverse forests.


Ecosystem for Electromobility

E-mobilio offers an integrated ecosystem for electromobility with digital consulting assistant as turnkey white label application.

Carbon Equity

Climate Investment Platform for Alternative Investments

Carbon Equity is a private equity investing platform making top-tier impact funds available to retail and institutional investors at lower minimums.

Sono Motors GmbH 🚀🚀🚀

The first commercialized Solar Car

Sono Motors is developing the first solar electric car on the market and offers complementary mobility services.


Making the Energy revolution possible

1KOMMA5° is building Germany’s largest one-stop-shop for sale, installation and services related to solar, electricity storage and charging infrastructure.

Tomorrow GmbH

Sustainable Mobile Banking

Tomorrow is creating the first mobile and sustainable bank in which customers can make a change together.

Voltstorage GmbH

Storing Renewable Energy ecologically

Voltstorage is developing the first alternative, environmentally friendly stationary battery system based on redox flow technology.


Scalable multi-tenants energy consumption

EINHUNDERT Energie develops smart services around green and digital energy supply for tenants.

ecoworks GmbH

Net Zero Buildings

Ecoworks renovates apartment buildings using industrial pre-fabrication, modular construction and efficient energy systems for a CO2-free living.



Carbon removal you can trust

Carbonfuture is the leading marketplace for high quality blockchain-based carbon removal.


Digitale Plattform for Regenerative Agriculture

Klim is driving the transition to regenerative agriculture with its digital platform.

HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH

Independent and low carbon energy supply

HPS develops systems for the storage and use of solar energy for single and multi-family homes.

Milk the Sun GmbH

The digital home of your PV System

The world’s largest marketplace for PV investments and services.

Bürgerwerke eG

Green Electricity from citizens

Energy supply through the bundling of independent citizen energy plants.


Net Zero Solution for logistics

A smart, electric and automated light vehicle for the urban and industrial last mile.


Thermal efficiency for real estate

Thermal modelling technology that can optimise space heating, cooling, and ventilation in just 14 days.

Inyova AG

Digital impact investing.

Investments that combine sustainability impact with attractive returns – digital and transparent.

Knister GmbH

Innovative and Sustainable Outdoor Products

Knister develops sustainable, multifunctional and high-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts.

Robin TV GmbH

The ambassador of e-mobility

Robin TV is the Youtube channel for electromobility which offers first-class content.

Winade Getränke GmbH

Alcohol-free organic wine

Winade & Senza & Pfalzwasser are certified organic, vegan, alcohol-free and without added sugar.

Phantasma Labs GmbH

Behavioural models for automatic cars

Phantasma Labs helps self-driving cars to better understand human behaviour.



Fighting Food Waste Together

SIRPLUS rescues and sells surplus food while bringing awareness to the issue.

Pottsalat Logo

Pottsalat GmbH

Delivery service for Salad bowls

Pottsalat delivers healthy and sustainable salad bowls to you.